Our special parking offer!

Until June 30th 2019 you can park at the car park Royal Hamilius for 2 Euro per hour (up to 3 hours). 

For the same period we have changed our billing interval from the usual 60 minutes to 15 minutes. What does that mean for you? Example: If you park for 3 minutes you will only be charged 50 cent instead of the usual 2 euro for an billing interval of 60 minutes. 

More than 600 additional parking spaces in Luxembourg now available!

We at APCOA are delighted to announce our brand new car park facility Royal - Hamilius in the city center of Luxembourg. Since September this fantastic new parking facility with 628 modern and light parking spaces significantly eases the previous burden around lack of parking in central Luxembourg. 

Our team is looking forward to welcome you to facilitate your parking experience with more convenience, more comfort and more ease. Enjoy your upcoming city trips to Luxembourg more hasslefree than ever. And that is just the beginning. As an extra comfort service this multi storey car park at Royal - Hamilius will be equipped with our new APCOA FLOW service - to turn parking time into free time. Ticketless. Stressless. Cashless. 

At APCOA we are commited to your satisfaction. We strive to provide you with the best car parking experience and service possible. APCOA PARKING wishes you a pleasant stay in Luxembourg. 


Royal Hamilius APCOA
Royal Hamilius APCOA

Car park details:

Parking tariffs:

1st hour: 2.00 €
2nd hour: 2.00 €
3rd hour: 2.00 €

(50 cent for every 15 minutes up to 3 hours)

4th and 5th hour: 2.40 €
every further hour: 3.20 €

daily ticket: 30.40 €

Night tariff: 

5 pm - 7 am up to 1 hour: 0.80 €
nightmax: 11.20 €


Entry via
37 Avenue Monterey
2163 Luxembourg

Royal Hamilius
45, Boulevard Royal
2449 Luxembourg



628 total spaces:

2,10 m entrance height


Opening hours:

open 24/7 


22 Women Spaces
18 Disabled Spaces
6 E-Mobility Spaces


Car park description:

APCOA PARKING is looking forward to be operating the parking facility at the Royal - Hamilius in central Luxembourg. This multi-storey car park offers a total of 628 new parking spaces with a number of entrances right in the city of Luxembourg. Local residents, employees and tourists alike are pleased for this additional parking opportunity provided by APCOA PARKING in Luxembourg. On top of offering the new apartment owners an easy and convenient way to park, the APCOA PARKING multi-storey car park will also lead to an improved traffic flow in the city center of Luxembourg. Finding parking space at competitive pricing has never been more easy!